About your understanding

By using the Interface to engage with the Protocol, you represent and warrant that:

  • You have duly read these Terms of Use and are thus aware that any interaction with the Protocol is at your own risk and under your sole responsibility.

  • You have conducted reasonable due diligence on the Protocol before accessing it through the Interface, including researching its functioning and the code as publicly available.

  • You have consulted any necessary experts to perfect your understanding, including technical aspects, or legal and tax implications of using the Protocol.

  • You possess sufficient knowledge and experience with blockchain technology, smart contracts, storage mechanisms (such as wallets), crypto assets, and decentralized finance to evaluate the risks and merits of using the protocol. Such knowledge and experience are of adequate level considering the value of crypto assets you intend to associate with the Protocol through your interactions.

No user shall engage in transactions for a substantial value in the absence of prior experience or knowledge acquired by other means.

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