‼️Important Reminders

Risky Business

The Protocol is part of the big experiment which is decentralized finance. The technology and the assets involved can be uncertain and their value might jump around a lot. Before you dive in, it's wise to ask the right experts to advise you, unless you consider yourself an expert. And remember, if you use it, it's all on you – the risk is yours.

Do Your Homework

Don't just take what you read on the internet as gospel truth. If you're considering becoming a Keomrad, you better spend some time reading through the code and documentation. Make sure you're not diving in blind. The provided documentation and this risk overview are an introduction meant as complete and educational as possible, but you shall nevertheless cross-check information, and expand your research.

Each Keomrad should review meticulously and take into account the following sources of information about Keom Protocol:

  • GitHub for smart contract code

  • DApp Terms of Use

  • Documentation

  • Medium Blog

  • All relevant legal, technical, and educational content about listed assets and involved oracles.

Immutability and Absence of Remedies

The permanence of transactions is both a marvel and a cautionary tale. Once a transaction is recorded on-chain, it becomes a part of an immutable ledger. This means that any crypto assets you commit through your use of the Protocol embrace the principle of irreversibility.

They may encounter bugs, exploits, or malfunctions of the Protocol, any third-party smart contracts interacting therewith, or even the foundational blockchain itself. Such events could lead to your crypto assets being permanently disabled, impaired, lost, or even forfeited.

It's crucial to understand that traditional safety nets like remedies or insurance for damages are not at your disposal.

The Association supports the community of Keomrads, but it does not offer any guarantees nor insurance for losses incurred due to your engagement with the Protocol or utilization of related technologies. Nor does anyone else. The Protocol is a decentralized open-source and automated infrastructure without any centralized entity operating it and endorsing responsibility for its failures.

Don’t risk it all

Because of the above, although the Protocol may be all you’ve been looking for, don’t risk it all unless you can afford to potentially lose it all.

Since there are no guarantees, in the event of losses, you will need to endorse the responsibility for your own choices. This may be at times harder than expected. Thus, use the Protocol as much as you want, but think twice before entrusting all your life savings to a single decentralized protocol or engaging with a single asset. Diversification is key to risk management.

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