Withdraw & Repay

Reclaiming assets supplied to Keom's money markets


To withdraw your supplied assets, you need to initiate a withdrawal transaction. kTokens serve as a proof of your supplied assets, and when you want to retrieve your original assets, you exchange these kTokens back for the native tokens you supplied.

Remember, if kTokens are being used as collateral for any loans you've taken out, you must settle these loans before you can fully withdraw. This means repaying the full amount you owe, including any partial debts.


Repayment: To release your supplied assets that are locked as collateral, you must repay the borrowed amount using the native tokens. Once your debt is cleared, your supplied assets become available for withdrawal.

There is no fixed time period to repay loans.

As long as the user's position is safe (Health > 1), borrowing can be done for an undefined period.

However, as time passes, the accrued interest will grow, making the user's Health decrease, which might result in supplied assets becoming more likely to be liquidated.

The repayments display is located in the "Borrow" market section.

  • Click on the desired Market

  • The "Borrow" dialogue opens,

  • Choose the "Repay" tab

  • Enter the desired amount to repay and confirm the transaction.

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