Prohibited Uses

The Interface is designed solely for lawful interactions with the Protocol, adhering to Swiss law, regulations applicable to the user, and these Terms of Use.

Use of the Interface for any purposes beyond engaging with the Protocol requires explicit prior written consent from the Association.

Users are expressly forbidden from using the Interface for unlawful or prohibited activities, including but not limited to:

  1. Engaging in improper or abusive trading practices, including but not limited to:

    • Fraudulent acts or schemes to defraud, deceive, trick, or mislead other users, individually or collectively;

    • Making bids or offers to create an artificial market price;

    • Manipulating token reward programs, airdrops, or other incentive programs;

    • Trading ahead of another user (front-running);

    • Fraudulent trading, notably insider trading; and

    • Fictitious transactions.

  2. Using the Interface to engage in transactions with crypto assets derived from criminal or fraudulent activities, including money laundering, terrorism, or tax evasion.

  3. Using the Interface in a way that interferes with, disrupts, negatively affects, or inhibits other users' enjoyment of the Interface, or that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the functioning of the Interface, including uploading malicious code or overloading the system to deny service to others.

  4. Utilizing the Interface in manners that create operational risks or financial losses for other users or the Protocol itself.

  5. Utilizing the Interface with false, inaccurate, or misleading information;

  6. Utilizing the Interface to cause harm to the Association, the Protocol, other users, or any other person in any way, notably by defrauding them, individually or by disrupting the functioning of the Protocol for many, for instance by economically exploiting the Protocol, or attempting to do so, and manipulating markets in any other manner.

  7. Bypassing or interfering with security features, usage restrictions, or attempting unauthorized access to the Interface or its connected networks. This includes the prohibition to use a VPN or any other privacy or anonymization tools or techniques to circumvent, or attempt to circumvent any restrictions.

  8. Transferring any rights to the Interface to third parties without authorization.

  9. Attempting to reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise uncover the Interface's source code, except as allowed by law.

  10. Creating derivative works from the Interface, unless permitted by applicable law.

  11. Engaging, attempting to engage, encouraging, inducing, or assisting any third party in any of the above activities or any other activities prohibited under this section or any other provision of these Terms

Violations of these prohibitions may result in civil liability, criminal prosecution, or both, according to local and international laws. Users must ensure their activities align with the expected use cases, legal standards, and ethical guidelines governing the Interface interactions.

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