About the Interface

  1. The Interface is accessible at the following URL: https://app.keom.io/

  2. The Interface is stored in a decentralized manner on IPFS.

  3. The Interface was developed by the Association to facilitate access to an open-source protocol being the epitome of the values promoted by the Association.

  4. The Interface can be displayed by anyone but its use requires further connection of a user's wallet. This connection is ensured through WalletConnect, and in particular its open-source Web3Modal SDK. The Association is not responsible for any connection issues resulting in the impossibility of using the Interface.

  5. The Interface is one of the many ways to interact with the Protocol. Other interfaces may exist and anyone is free to interact with the Protocol directly, without the intermission of any application.

  6. The Interface may undergo modifications over time at the discretion of the Association and may reflect enhancements to functionality, user experience, or compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

  7. All information displayed on the Interface is intended solely for informational purposes. It is sourced from third-party providers and the Association cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information displayed.

  8. The Association does not endorse any of the crypto assets listed on the Protocol and displayed on the Interface. The inclusion of any crypto asset is not a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold such an asset. Decisions to engage with any of the crypto assets listed shall be made by each user independently and with caution.

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