About the Protocol

  1. Any collection and disbursement of crypto assets by the Protocol are solely performed by the smart contracts constituting the Protocol, in line with the logic embedded therein.

  2. The Protocol facilitates predefined automated transactions, enabling users to interact with it solely through its established functions. These functions, accessible at any time by users, trigger key events automatically, based on predefined conditions. Interactions and outcomes are thus determined by the Protocol's existing code and parameters, allowing for consistent and predictable transaction execution.

  3. The Protocol operates autonomously, meaning that no one, including the Association, can intervene to revert or anyhow modify the result of your interaction with the Protocol. Therefore, users shall never sign transactions they do not wish to see executed.

  4. The Protocol is governed in a decentralized manner, specifically, the community of token holders is the sole competent to vote on matters relating to any updates and amendments thereto, excluding, however, the power to pause the Protocol in the event of an emergency, if such is necessary to preserve the best interest of Keomrads;

  5. The Protocol is non-custodial, meaning users access it by connecting their wallet of which they retain exclusive control. Loss of access to the connected wallet equates inability to use the Protocol for the crypto assets associated with the said wallet. In such an event, there exists no alternative means of engaging with the Protocol, for instance, canceling positions opened before the loss of access.

  6. Any crypto assets supplied to a lending pool are automatically associated with the destination smart contract, and managed solely within the smart contract's parameters, with no capacity for the Association to unilaterally access or transfer these assets.

  7. Using the Protocol does not guarantee any form of profit or return. Notably, interest rates for supplying assets to a lending pool vary based on a mathematical formula integrating factors that render impossible the computation of future return at a future date (T+x) based on the sole amount of supplied assets at moment T. All transactions performed through the Protocol are thus based on your independent decision-making and risk assessment.

  8. The Protocol, like any other blockchain-based protocol, is exposed to technical vulnerabilities as presented under Risks. Such vulnerabilities may be related to the Protocol itself or associated technologies such as the underlying blockchain, wallets, oracles, or other third-party code interacting with the Protocol.

The source code of the Protocol is open source and available for review by any user.

The source code was audited for safety by three external auditors, namely Peckshield, Watchpug, and Omniscia. No audit can yet ensure full safety and the user acknowledges and accepts that.

  1. The Protocol, like any other financial protocol, is exposed to economic vulnerabilities such as the risk of economic exploitation by malicious actors to the detriment of Keomrads, as presented under Risks.

No renowned third parties presently offer dedicated audits equivalent to technical audits. Economic exploits are an evolving subject, and no expert can foresee and prevent all exploit possibilities beyond those that were already observed in the past.

  1. Use of the Protocol does expose each user to a plethora of general risks as presented under Risks, stemming, amongst others, from the experimental nature of blockchain-based applications and the ever-evolving policies and regulations applicable thereto, as well as evolving adoption and public perception.

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