About the Association

Keomrads acknowledge and accept the following:

The Association developed the Interface to facilitate access to an open-source protocol being the epitome of the values it promotes.

The Association provides the Interface as a gateway to access the Protocol but lacks the authority to meddle in user interactions with the Protocol.

The Association is not an intermediary or counterparty connected with the Protocol. The Protocol, alike other decentralized finance protocols, operates on decentralized infrastructures and is itself governed in a decentralized manner, in line with the initial premise of removing all intermediaries and enabling individuals to conduct financial transactions freely and without undue interference or oversight.

The Association does not act as an agent, advisor, or custodian and holds no fiduciary duties or obligations towards the users of the Interface.

The Association does not partake in any of the services facilitated by the Protocol: it does not provide execution, settlement, or clearing services of any kind, โ€จnor does it accept any deposits of crypto assets from Protocol users.

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